Event hair and makeup can be a little daunting and is a new experience for many people. I always get a lot of great questions when working with clients, so I thought I would pick some of the most common and helpful to answer.

Q: Why is having hair and makeup done on site an advantage?

A: Every bride has anxiety about many different aspects of their big day! Two of the big concerns that are eliminated by having an on site hair and makeup person are timing and professionalism. Wedding day schedules can be tough enough without the worry of getting your girls to a salon and back to your venue while avoiding traffic and making sure everyone knows where to go! Also, once your party makes it to the salon, you aren't guaranteed that stylists won't be running behind from other clients.  Most women have gotten a less than desirable hairstyle when having their hair done- do you really want to trust whoever the salon has time to book for your wedding day? When I come to you I arrive early, have your party ready on time, and take care of everyone in your party personally! If you have a bigger party, I carefully select a team of artists to work with your based on their professionalism and expertise with your style!

Q: How much time do I need on my wedding day for getting ready?

A: I never schedule a wedding party without making sure everyone will be ready with time to spare! I usually allow 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours for each girl, depending on the service they need. I work with each bride to come up with the best option for their day, whether that means having just me, or bringing an entire team. Sometimes brides decide to have a chosen few women with them on the big day, but send the bulk of their party to a salon, for timing purposes and for a little less hectic atmosphere while they prepare to say 'I do'. In this case, I am happy to help a bride choose a salon that I trust and have personal experience with.

Q: Should I wear my hair up or down?

A: I get this question a LOT! My answer will never change. You should wear your hair in the style that makes you feel pretty and like yourself. If you never wear your hair up, your wedding day may not be the time to start, and vice versa. I'll also help you take into consideration other elements:   the weather,  your dress, and several other factors before deciding on your perfect style.

Q: Will my hair and makeup last all night?

A: Yes! Besides needing to refresh lips or dab on a little extra powder, you should expect to look beautiful for your entire evening. A little softening of hair is expected, which is why I always tell brides that we will start your hair a little more 'fixed' than necessary. This allows your hair to settle a bit throughout the evening and still look flawless for your  getaway pictures! I once had a very popular wedding planner thank me after realizing that no bride I had ever done for her had their hair fall or come loose all night!

Q: Lashes...Do or Don't?

A: Almost always a do! Lashes come in such a variety of looks and options that there is the perfect pair for the bride who loves drama or the bride who likes to go more subtle. One of the best things about adding lashes is that they eliminate the need for heavy coats of mascara. Even when using the best waterproof mascara you can end up with flaking or clumping by the end of the night. Besides, who doesn't love beautiful sweeping lashes that make your eyes pop in photos?

Q: Do I have to wear heavy makeup on my wedding day?

A: It is very important to me that each bride feel comfortable and like themselves. Traditional photography with flash can sometimes wash out a bride. With the cost of wedding photography today, part of my job is to make sure you love your photos. This means making sure you have enough makeup on to look beautiful all night while still feeling like yourself. There are many ways to ensure both!

Q: Should I consider adding in hair?

A: Most brides have plenty of hair to get the look they want without extensions. There are times, however, that a certain look is desired and adding additional length or thickness can really make a difference. I have extensive experience using extensions and can match your hair seamlessly if you choose to use them!