Makeover Monday with a Gorgeous Bride

For our very first Makeover Monday I decided to showcase a bride. Why a bride? Spring wedding season is really cranking up here at Sixpence, and I wanted to feature a beautiful wedding that exemplifies my love for this job.

Kelsey and Joe are both actors in the Big Apple. Kelsey came to me with a vision of vintage perfection that immediately had my creative juices flowing. This stage actress has worn MANY looks in her career, but the one she envisioned for her wedding day was of finger waves, faux bob, classically inspired makeup, elegance. The look would not only fit her gorgeous gown and mother's vintage veil to a tee, but also make her smoking groom unable to take his eyes off her! 

I used a timeless curling iron set to take her fiery, below shoulder locks, to a chin-length fingerwave faux bob. Her alabaster complexion and green eyes were enhanced with peachy pink tones and a winged eye. Her wedding party also had their looks perfected, and could have not been more fun to work with. I adore my job, and look forward to the many weddings booked in 2017!